Artist's Statement

I have been a hobbyist all my adult life and now in my golden years I was looking for something to do I came across Polymer Clay and found out this medium uses are endless. I design and create jewelry with polymer clay to make necklaces, pendants, bracelets, and earrings. I also make stunning looking Barettes for the hair.


The process in creating these jewelry has many steps. Once I have an idea and design for a jewelry piece, I condition the clay very well. I cut or form the main piece and any other pieces. Then, if needed I either apply a texture, or coloring with mica powder, or add anything that will enhance the jewelry. At this point when I am satisfied, I bake it on a dedicated toaster oven I use for polymer clay. After it cools I drill holes if needed, sand all of the pieces. Next step is to glaze or resin the pieces. And finally assemble the pieces by putting the jewelry findings and string it altogether.

Education and Certifications

Maryknoll College

Philippines Women’s University

Underwood Business School in the Philippines

Contact Me

Liz Fisher Artistry

Goldthwaite, TX


Tel: (325) 938-0299

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